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NHS Health and Wellbeing Services in Jesmond and Lower Gosforth

As part of our primary care network’s commitment to improving the overall health of our patient population, we are pleased to be able to offer specialist health and wellbeing services to patients.

Our network — Jesmond Lower Gosforth Primary Care Network — is a collaborative group of GP practices that gives patients access to expert staff and services.

One such staff member is Hannah Parks, our Health and Wellbeing Coach.

What is Health and Wellbeing Coaching?

Hannah’s main aim is to support, educate, and motivate patients to make positive lifestyle changes.

Depending on an individual’s needs and current health, Hannah can help in several ways.

If, for example, getting more active is the key, then specific coaching from Hannah can help people increase their levels safely and discover the physical and mental benefits of moving more.

“More than anything, I aim for my patients to leave their appointments feeling confident in their ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle.”

— Hannah Parks

Hannah is also a Registered Associate Nutritionist. So, for people who want to eat well or need support managing their diet because of diabetes, Hannah offers support and education on making informed, beneficial choices.

In addition to proactive support, health and well-being coaching examines the barriers people encounter in their lives and provides them with the tools and knowledge to overcome them.

It’s a non-medical level of support. Hannah doesn’t prescribe weight loss treatment or medication.

Four main areas of focus

Hannah has been working with patients in Gosforh since 2022, but at the start of this year, she brought her expertise to Jesmond as well.

These are the four main area Hannah concentrates on:

  • Action on Diabetes: How to reduce risk and achieve a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise.
  • Path to wellbeing: Exploring mental health and developing tools to overcome mild anxiety and depression.
  • Getting active: How to increase activity levels safely, setting realistic targets and longer-term benefits.
  • Eating well: From learning about nutritional values to portion sizes and how to overcome barriers to healthy eating.

Referrals and getting in touch

Any member of GP practice staff can refer you to Hannah, or you can use the online form on Hannah’s profile page on our website.

Typically, Hannah will have an introductory session with each new person she works with. During this initial chat, you’ll discuss your issues and the aims you’d like to achieve. Hannah will then work with you to come up with a personalised plan.

Regular sessions of 30 minutes to an hour allow you to check in, measure your progress and learn more about living well.

Hannah spends most of her time working directly with patients, either over the phone or in person. Some patients prefer the familiarity of their GP practice for sessions or a local coffee shop, so there are options to suit everyone.

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