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Hannah Parks

Health and Wellbeing Coach

I’m Hannah, and I joined Jesmond Lower Gosforth PCN in January 2024, having previously worked in North Gosforth since 2022. I work as a Health and Wellbeing Coach.

team-member-photo Hannah Parks

What I Do

The main goal of my job is to encourage patients to lead a healthy lifestyle, covering topics such as weight management, Type 2 Diabetes management, overall wellbeing and physical activity. Patients referred to me will participate in a programme involving 1-1 weekly appointments for 6-12 weeks depending on the area of support they require.

How I Support Patients

When starting with a new patient I will call them and give a brief overview of what the programme will look like, time scale, frequency of meetings, the aims of the programme and how these aims will be met.

After this, I carry out an initial assessment which mostly consists of questions exploring their general quality of life and wellness.

The programme is usually carried out over the phone, however, I am able to meet for face to face meetings if that is in the patient's best interest.

Get in touch

Patients can self-refer to me using the form below.

Please note that I offer non-medical weight loss services and cannot prescribe weight loss treatments.

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