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Zero Tolerance

The NHS Zero Tolerance policy says all staff must be able to do their job without abuse or violence.

We fully support this policy at Roseworth Surgery. Our staff work hard to provide patients with the best quality care and must be treated with respect and dignity.

Any behaviour, verbal or physical, which causes staff to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or threatened, is totally unacceptable. The Police will be called in all cases of violence.

Anyone who does not treat our staff with respect and dignity or is verbally abusive will be contacted to tell them their behaviour is unacceptable. Further unacceptable behaviour may result in patients being removed from our patient list, and no longer able to receive treatment at Roseworth Surgery.

We understand issues concerning your health can be stressful and frustrating and the last few years have been especially hard for all of us. But our staff are here to care for you and must be treated with respect at all times.

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