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Think Pharmacy First


Your local community Pharmacist offers far more services than just medication collection.

They can offer advice and treatment for a range of conditions and minor illnesses.

You don’t need an appointment. You can just turn up. Many pharmacies are open in the evenings and weekends, too, giving you quicker, more flexible access to free expert advice.

These are the types of issues a Pharmacist can help with.


Allergies Cough Impetigo (blisters) Stomach aches
Athletes foot Diarrhoea Indigestion Styes
Back pain Ear infection Migraine Teething
Bacterical conjunctivitis (sticky eyes) Ear wax Nappy rash Threadworm
Bites and stings Earache Period pain Toothache
Chickenpox Fevers and/or temperature Reflux Vaginal thrush
Cold sores Fungal skin infection Scabies Vomiting
Colds and flu Haemorrhoids Skin rash Warts and verrucae
Congestion Hay fever Skin reactions
Constipation Head lice Skin/mouth problems
Contact dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) Headache Sore throat


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