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The Little Book of Useful Stuff

The Little Book of Useful Stuff is a guide to help young people aged 13+ keep safe, stay healthy and make informed decisions about their lives.

Created by the NHS in Gateshead, with the help of families and a range of health professionals, the guide covers common issues like:

  • Physical health. From nutrition and skin care to diabetes and asthma
  • Mental health. Spotting triggers and making changes
  • Puberty. What to expect as your body changes,
  • Sexual health. Including contraception, pregnancy, infections and consent
  • LGBTQ+. Biological sex and gender identity.
  • Relationships. At school, at home and online.

The easy-to-use guide is full of facts and advice and links to trusted sources you can explore for more information or help.

You can download or view The Little Book of Useful Stuff by tapping the button below.

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